Ringers and Umpires

A list of current confirmed ringers and league umpires can be obtained by emailing Margaret Field: M.Field@city.ac.uk

If you would like to be added as a ringer for the 2017/2018 season please post a comment below. Please ensure you write your correct email address and please give an idea of the position you play. If you are available to umpire then please contact Margaret (as above).

10 thoughts on “Ringers and Umpires

  1. Hi, I currently play for my firm’s netball team but would also like to join the ringers list to get in extra games. I can play GK, GD, WA, C, WD. I tend to go to the gym most mornings so will always have my kit on me (ideal for short notice). I also work a few minutes away from Lincolns Inn.

    My email address is: reveena.paul@twobirds.com

  2. Hello! I’ve recently started working in the area and would be up for getting in some extra games. I work a few mins away from Lincolns Inn and keep my gym kit at work all week. I can play GD, GK, WD, C, WA, everything apart from shooting.

    My email address is: ldang8010@gmail.com


  3. Hi, I work with Lucy (above). I’d love to start sessions also. I can play GD, GK (preference) and WD, WA, not a shooter though! Email is: sonia,lampkin@live.co.uk

  4. Hello, I have recently started working in the area and would like to join the ringers list. I can play GS, GA, OR GD and always have my gym kit with me so can play at short notice.

    Would also be keen to join a league for the season if anyone has dropped out or you are looking at putting a team together for next season.

    Aimie 🙂


  5. Hi,

    I currently play as a ringer in Canary Wharf but have just see your sessions closer to where I work and live. I am happy to play as a ringer anytime I can.

    I have played for years and Captains my teams at University, just love the sport! Prefer to play C, WA and WD.




  6. Hi,

    I play in a social league in Balham but keen to get a few extra games in if anyone needs a ringer. I work 5 min from Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Usually play GK/GD but happy to give any position a go.


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